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Waiting to receive an inheritance can be a frustrating experience. The heir may need the money now but is left in limbo waiting on the probate process to get in gear. Unfortunately, the wait is often a long one. 

Thankfully, there is a relatively quick and easy process to receive the money sooner. An inheritance funding company may be able to provide you with an inheritance advance. However, while the inheritance fund advancement process can be relatively straightforward to follow, there are no shortcuts available for finding the right company to work with. 

Inheritance Advances and Inheritance Funding Companies

Beneficiaries often come to find that it may be years until they receive their inheritance through the traditional probate route. For those who need or want their money now, working with an inheritance funding company is extremely useful. The company can provide fast cash and skip the process of credit checks and lengthy loan applications. Here is how it works.

Inheritance cash advance companies basically purchase an inheritance from an heir. The heir, in return, gets a cash advance of their inheritance now. Inheritance advance companies specialize in these transactions. Many can provide the cash advance within weeks if not days.

This is a fully acceptable legal transaction, not a gamble or clandestine deal. Inheritance advance companies are not storefront shops providing the equivalent of salary advances at astronomical rates. Nor are they inheritance loan groups requiring collateral and loan applications. Working with an inheritance advance funding company is a helpful avenue for those that need or want access to their inheritance funds today.

Warning: Avoid Inheritance Fund Scams

While a reputable inheritance funding company can provide a huge financial perk, fraudulent people and companies who purport to distribute advanced inheritance funds can be a curse. Beware of scams. If any of the items below appear during the process of seeking an inheritance advance, it may be a scam. We advise individuals to avoid an inheritance advance company that:

  • Asks for money upfront, before even meeting;
  • Guarantees that you are inheriting much more than you thought;
  • Asks for your bank account details, including routing numbers, during an intake call;
  • Will only deal with you online and claims to need your IP address;
  • Request that you wire them money for any reason; or
  • Asks you to confirm your identity by giving them a Social Security number, prior addresses, and other confidential information right away.

All the aforementioned may be signs of someone seeking to steal your identity, access your bank account, or hack your computer. These are not the actions of a trustworthy business that deals with inheritance funds and inheritance advances. 

Finding a Credible Inheritance Advance Company

While you may want your inheritance immediately, we caution you to please take the time to find a reputable inheritance advance company. We tell individuals that taking the steps below can help in finding a respectable and honest inheritance advance funding company.

Make an Appointment with the Company

A dependable company will usually offer a free consultation. This is a highly specialized field, so if the company does not immediately understand what an advance is, move on. 

Ask Questions About the Lending Process and Fees

Remember, you are seeking a service. Approach finding an inheritance funding company as you would any other service provider. They should be able to readily explain what they do, what they charge, and how they work. If they do not, move on. Be aware that when you are seeking an inheritance advance, the company should not require you to make any loan payments.

Get Information in Writing

You want a firm that can provide, in writing (hard copy or electronic), the details and terms of the cash advance in the inheritance advance agreement. The firm should not pressure you to sign an agreement for services immediately.

Have Your Ducks in a Row

When you find and are ready to work with an ethical company, be sure you are prepared on your end. Receiving inheritance funds means that you will need information regarding the estate providing the inheritance funding. Have a file with all correspondence regarding the estate. The inheritance funding company you choose to work with will know what to ask for.

The Best Inheritance Advance Companies

A responsible inheritance advance company alleviates stress and deals with individuals professionally, but with compassion. The company you work with should never lose sight of the fact that during the process of seeking a strong inheritance advance company and an advance, you are also dealing with the loss of a loved one. The best inheritance advance companies are ethical and reliable, know their field, and treat clients with courtesy.

Swift Inheritance Advance: Offering Clients Excellent Service, Always

If you or someone you know is waiting to collect an inheritance, contact us. At Swift Inheritance Advance, our primary goal is to aid those who have lost a relative and have a monetary inheritance that is held up in probate. We can step in and ease your frustration with the lengthy probate process that ties up money due to you. When you need an inheritance advance, Swift Inheritance Advance is the company to turn to. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or reach us online. We are ready to provide you with excellent, trustworthy service today.

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